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Investing in a Changing World

Just like our world, the world of finance is in a state of constant change. Markets are on the move, reforming, transforming and new digital technologies are creating innovative business concepts with unlimited possibilities for everyone.

A new way to invest and multiply the money saved.

We show people new ways to benefit from these new technologies and thus build up their wealth sustainably.

In the flow of life and in the changing world, trust, transparency, integrity and empathy are for us the most important building blocks for a long-term, trusting cooperation.

The financial growth and prosperity of many people is a major concern for us.

Our beliefs


The economic system is decentralised

Financial transactions are boundless
Innovative technologies are freely accessible
Anyone can be financially independent
The financial world is changing
Block chain technology as the key to the future

Our goal

We place our diverse life and work experiences, our entrepreneurial know-how and our competence at the disposal of people who are looking for new ways to invest their money wisely, innovatively and lucratively and to build up their wealth.

An exciting and proven business concept and an innovative technology company behind it are our tools, which we are happy to share and make available to others. 

About Urs

I grew up as the eldest of 5 siblings in a rural area in central Switzerland. Our family life was harmoniously shaped.

My father was a bank director and contact with the financial world was always something “normal” for me. So it was quite natural for me to study business administration and afterwards my path led me directly to my first experiences in a major Swiss bank.

But the feeling that there was more to it than that grew louder and at 27 I decided to leave my home country, my world, and see the world outside. My path led me to Venezuela, where I settled down.


I found a new fascinating culture, its language and a country of many contrasts with breathtaking beauty and many open, loving people.

Today I am the father of two wonderful sons who are open-minded and radiate something of this every day in their adopted country Switzerland. I was allowed to accompany them as they grew up and the desire for freedom is stronger in no one than in a child. I am glad that they have been able to maintain it into adulthood.

As a marketing manager and independent entrepreneur, Venezuela has often had to cope with crises, chaos and challenges. This taught me to be flexible, to improvise and always keep an eye on what might be an opportunity. This time also gave me a different perspective on Europe, the view from outside, so that I could see my home country in a more abstract way.

I have become an innovative, creative and adaptable lateral thinker, with a successful ecotourism business, my own jungle lodge in the middle of the Amazon of South America. My visionary thinking as an entrepreneur led me to start another business with thousands of customers in the internet telephony sector in Venezuela in the late 1990s, when very few had heard of the internet.

After 20 years, my heart broke when my family, driven by unbearable political and social conditions, forced me to give up my new home. I returned to Switzerland and am proud to carry a piece of the world inside me every day.

I am very thankful for my life full of experiences and all the challenging stations that I have encountered and that have formed me into a loyal, integer and empathic person.

For two years I have been living on the island of Mallorca with my loving wife Zuzana. Her curiosity and her irrepressible drive complement my passion for boundless worlds and quickly they became a burning fire together. As an entrepreneur, profit optimization was always important to me, but if you lose sight of people, you lose yourself.

About Zuzana

I had seen the light of this world in the former Czechoslovakia. I grew up in a world dominated by bondage, lack and fears in an entrepreneurial family.

Out of necessity, my fighting spirit, stamina and ambition were awakened in me at an early age and further cultivated.

At the age of 17 came the first big change, the escape and the new freedom!

Influenced by the immigration of the whole family to Switzerland, the country of unlimited possibilities, I developed the great strength to recognize the opportunities and to courageously take new paths.


Thus, at the age of 30, I started my own business as a single mother in order to realize my dreams and visions. This led to the successful development of networks and sales organisations with a worldwide international reach and thousands of business partners.

My visionary thinking as a “thoroughbred” entrepreneur with heartiness and empathy always guaranteed to be in the right place at the right time.  Because “change is the law of life”.

Over countless years, I have been able to help and accompany many people on their way to independence and the founding of their own business, in order to strive for a life of financial freedom. I was disappointed to find out that most of them had a big gap in their financial education and could neither save their hard-earned money nor invest it wisely.

This led me to deal with this burning issue and to look for suitable opportunities. I decided to take a closer look at digital commerce and the exciting markets of the “new age”.

In 2018, I moved my centre of life to the “magic island” Mallorca, which offers me my longed-for quality of life and a lot of freedom. In the silence of nature, surrounded by the enchanting animal world and mild climate I can work from my home office. I call it my “living paradise”.

I am very grateful for all the important signposts and people who have shaped my life and made me a strong, sensitive and true woman.

There is still so much that my heart is longing for and that may still take its place in my life. One of them is to let you participate in the highly digitalized world of finance and to open the door into the “new time”. If you recognize a trend before it becomes clearly visible, you have all possibilities at hand.

If you are ready to leave behind outdated views on financial markets and want to know how you can easily and sensibly use a fascinating “money source” to build a solid, sustainable wealth in a very short time, then you have come to the right place.

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Have the courage to break new ground with us!


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